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Romanicos Chocolate Review&Giveaway! - Ends 9/20

"I want to invite you to have the ultimate chocolate experience. Romanicos is a sensual experience that begins when you see the beautiful presentation then continues when you open the box and smell the delicious aroma of fresh chocolate and finishes with the amazing texture and flavors that melt in your mouth.
Romanicos brings you a well balance treasure with the rare combination of eye catching presentation with a delicious confections. The perfect combination for a memorable gift!
We make a product totally by hand, not only with the finest ingredients available around the world but with a lot of care, everything in small batches so it gives us the opportunity to check each piece closely and watch all the details.
I believe that each thing contains energy and I believe that a piece of chocolate made with love makes a big difference.Taste for yourself what a good piece of chocolate is about and enjoy not only our delicious chocolates best also our first level service experience.
Alejandra Bigai
CEO and Founder"

Romanicos Chocolate is honestly the best chocolate experience I've ever had in my 19 years on this Earth. It is unlike any other flavor, texture, and consistency. In this review, I am determined to take you through a tasting adventure that will make your mouth water just by reading it! Are you ready?

When it comes down to flavor, many people mistakenly believe that all chocolate tastes the same. You have dark, white, and milk chocolate, but everyone seems to forget about gourmet. This is where Romanicos sets itself apart from all other chocolates. 

I received a Mixed Cube with 3 small boxes of truffles, 3 small chocolate bars, and 3 large chocolate bars. The Mixed Cube included boxes of Signature Handmade Truffles, Truffle Bites, and Art Collection Truffles. The small candy bars were Soy Beans and Sea Salt, Pistachio and Nutmeg, and Mission Figs. The large bars were Japanese Ginger, Mission Figs, and Salted Almonds. (Keep in mind I live with a diabetic and I had to protect this chocolate with my life!) 

The Mixed Cube came in this adorable package with the three boxes stacked up and tied together with a pretty black ribbon. The three boxes each featured a different style of Truffles. One box contained Handmade Truffles, one had Truffle Bites, and the other had the most wonderfully decorated Chocolate Art Truffles.  

The first box I opened was the Signature Handmade Truffles. It contained 12 truffles of different flavors: Original Sin, Passion Caramel, Ultimate Milk, Heavenly Vanilla, Wild Coconut, Tipsy Almond, Florida Orange, Dreaming Hazelnut, Fresh Mint, Holly Berry, Sexy Cherry, and Sinful Amaretto. They were all wonderful, but I did have a few favorites! There is also something very unique about these chocolates that really sets them apart. The Signature Truffles are made with Venezuelan premium chocolate, fresh cream, and natural flavors. Because they don't add any preservatives, extra sugar, or butter, they are lower in calories too. So this makes your overindulgence seem less naughty.

The Original Sin was the best, it melts in your mouth and satisfies you with an intense sweet flavor unlike any other. This one truffle brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Death by Chocolate'. Passion Caramel was another favorite of mine. Everyone loves the simple joy of biting into chocolate and having the caramel ooze out revealing the yummy center. Romanicos takes it a step further and covers the outside of the truffles in little chocolate and caramel pieces so the flavor surrounds it. For those who just like the simple taste of chocolate without anything too fancy, Ultimate Milk is the perfect bite-sized treat! Don't get me wrong though, it's still far from ordinary. The Ultimate Milk is creamy and smooth without being overwhelmingly rich. The small milk chocolate shavings on the outside provide enough flavor to still cause you to go weak at the knees. There are also many of you out there that prefer vanilla over chocolate and lucky for you, Romanicos has something for you too. With a luscious flavor, Heavenly Vanilla can appease anyone's taste buds. Easily distinguishable by it's vanilla shavings, this truffle sets itself apart from the others by giving you the same rich, melt-in-your-mouth indulgence as the chocolates, but with it's own unique flavor. I have just recently discovered the world of coconuts and have more than fallen in love with the sharp flavor, so of course Wild Coconut was at the top of my list. With the shredded coconut on top and the delectable cream filling of this morsel, you are sure to get a mouthful of flavors that will leave your mouth wanting more. The sweetness of the chocolate blends perfectly with the sharp yet sweet taste of the coconut to bring you a euphoria unlike any other. But for those looking for a bit of a different adventure, Tipsy Almond and Sinful Amaretto should do the trick. These alcoholic truffles are so different than what you would expect. Both of these are flavored with the perfect amount of liquor to give you that hint of a taste when you're eating it and I loved it because it wasn't very strong at all. Dreaming Hazelnut and Fresh Mint were fabulous! The Dreaming Hazelnut was almost reminiscent of a fresh cup of coffee with chocolate and hazelnut creamer in it. Fresh Mint was like a cool breeze on a winter morning, definitely not like being stuck at the top of a mountain when you bite into a York Peppermint Patty. The minty flavor was so much smoother and wasn't overly strong. It mixed with the chocolate and had a relaxing feeling when eating it. Last, but not least, are Florida Orange, Holly Berry, and Sexy Cherry. While all of these were very good, I have never been a huge fan of fruit flavors in my chocolate, so they weren't my favorite. Nonetheless, if it's what you like, then you won't have any problem eating these! The flavors were still very smooth, of course, and actually soaked up the flavors of the fruits quite well without tasting fake or processed. Despite my pickyness, I sucked it up and ate them, and actually loved every bite! I felt a sort of emptiness when I noticed the box was empty, but at the same time, I did realize there were two boxes left!

The Truffle Bites were in the second box of the set and these chocolates are just a tease! One of these is never enough, so they give you six different flavors and two of each! This makes it easier to enjoy it twice or to share with someone if you're nice enough to do that. You get 2 Pure Chocolate Delight, 2 Caramel Bliss, 2 Hazelnut Joy, 2 Coconut Whimsy, 2 Orange Delight, and 2 Almond Cheer. These are also made with Venezuelan Premium Chocolate, but unlike the Signature Truffles, there are additives. These are considered the 'affordable line', they are a little cheaper, but you don't have to sacrifice any quality! Also unlike the Signature Truffles, instead of being a soft, melt-in-your-mouth ball, the Truffle Bites are a hard shell truffle with a shot of cream to fill the inside. And all it takes it one bite into that hard shell and the creaminess to ooze into your mouth and before you know it, the box will be empty. It's just that good.

Now, don't get ahead of yourself and assume that because the flavors are the same as the Signature Truffles, that they taste the same. You'd be wrong. The Truffle Bites are a whole other world away from the others. For example: The Pure Chocolate Delight could possibly be considered twice as sinful in this box. The hard outer shell almost seems to prevent you from taking it all in one bite, so you get two bites of the creamy chocolaty goodness. The Caramel Bliss was amazing. The caramel was delicious and left those yummy little strings when you pull your mouth away from the first bite. Definitely better than any candy bar you could ever have. Personally, I thought that the Hazelnut Joy tasted like the truffle in the other box. Not that this is a bad thing, you just get the same amazing flavor, but it comes in 2 bites! I really had to fight Brent over the Coconut Whimsys though. Coconut is his favorite, but I did manage to grab one before he went for both! I actually think I liked this one better than the other box. It had the shredded coconut on top and the super sweet center. There's no real way to describe it, you'll just have to try it for yourself! Orange Delight was different, but still very good. The citrus flavor fills the hard truffle and comes together perfectly with the orange flavored chunks on top of the truffle. It almost gives you a tropical feeling when you eat it and sends you to your own little tropical paradise. If you like almonds, then Almond Cheer is perfect! There are little almond chunks that cover the top of it and inside is a nutty flavor that completes it. The Truffle Bites were fantastic and I wish they hadn't gone so soon!

The last box I opened was the Art Collection. They are small bonbons made with a mix of Belgian and Venezuelan Chocolate. All of these unique truffles are handmade with hand-created art placed on top. The Art Truffles are different from the others in that, instead of being filled with just chocolate, they are filled with fruit pastes, spreads, and nuts! Some of them also come with a nut or fruit on top. This little box was filled with scrumptious goodies like Cranberry Dark, Dulce De Leche (Sweet Milk), Cranberry White, Pistachio Dark, Coffee Dark, Coconut Delight, Sunny Orange, Hazelnut Dark, Raspberry Dark, Hazelnut Dark, Nutella, and Pistachio White.

The Cranberry Dark came with a small dried cranberry centered on top and had a delicious fruit center. Dulce De Leche was very sweet, as the name suggests, and contrasted well with the hard dark chocolate shell. A little pistachio crowned the top of the Pistachio Dark and gave it the perfect taste to satisfy your sweet tooth. Some people prefer mocha over chocolate and Coffee Dark was the perfect blend of the two. Coconut Delight was just as good as the other coconut truffles, but these seemed to have a little more flavor and pizazz to them. The other two yummy fruit filled treats were Sunny Orange and Raspberry dark. Chocolate always mixes well with fruit and these are no exception! There were actually two Hazelnut Darks and they were wonderful. I actually tried one of them with a bite of the Coffee Dark and they mixed so well together. I just love Hazelnut and Coffee! The Nutella was actually my personal favorite out of this box. I love the creamy chocolate-hazelnut spread and it was just so mouthwatering. I know many of you might prefer the White Chocolate over Milk or Dark, so there are two of those in here to hit the spot. Pistachio White and Cranberry White are just for you. The nutty center of the Pistachio with the creamy light flavor of the white chocolate will send you into a head-spin. For the fruit lovers, the Cranberry fruitiness is tangy yet sweet and fills the inside of this white chocolate truffle. This box was amazing, but it took me a little while to convince myself to eat it. The art is so cute that you just don't want to mess it up!

Finally, we come to the candy bars. These are perfect for people with a sense of adventure on their tongue. These are all made by creating a bed of chocolate, then filling the entire bar with whatever the whole ingredient is, then covering it with a second layer of chocolate to finish it off. All of these bars are made with some sort of whole ingredient, 65% Dark Chocolate (Premium Venezuelan of course!), and no lactose or gluten! They are suitable for Celiacs, Vegans, and the Lactose-Intolerant so everyone can enjoy them.

I'll start with the small bars. I received a Mission Figs, Nutmeg&Pistachio, and Soy Beans and Sea Salt. The Nutmeg & Pistachio had a very interesting flavor. It was nutty and had a tinge of spice from the nutmeg in it. I absolutely loved it! I believe the Soy Beans and Sea Salt was my favorite though. Salt and Chocolate go hand-in-hand, though many people don't think about that. The soy beans made a nice additive and the sea salt was the glue that held it all together! I took small bites to make it last longer, but alas, it didn't last long enough. I was nervous about the Mission Figs, but it really surprised me. The whole fruit pieces hidden in the dark chocolate gave it a different sort of flavor and texture to it. I also received a large bar of this flavor.

The large bars included Mission Figs, Japanese Ginger, and Salted Almonds. If you really have adventurous taste buds, I recommend the Japanese Ginger. The semi-sweet dark chocolate already has a smooth flavor, but the ginger brings something new to the table. One bite and you can taste the chewy strings of ginger and the immediate flavor of spice that usually comes with your sushi. It was enjoyable, but very different, definitely an adventure that everyone should try at least once. My favorite of these is the Salted Almonds. I've always been a fan of chocolate bars with almonds in them, but I had never had one quite like this. The Salted Almonds definitely came together with the dark chocolate unlike all generic candy bars and just had an all around amazing flavor to it.

I really loved my Romanicos Chocolate experience. This is some of the best chocolate I have ever had and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Their products are one of a kind and offer nothing but the best. They take care of their customers and ensure quality over everything else. And you can have a chance to win one of the Mixed Cubes just like I had!


One lucky winner will receive a Mixed Cube from valued at $75.

**I received a Mixed Cube and 6 Candy Bars from Romanicos for the purpose of this review. I received no compensation. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**


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