Friday, September 30, 2011

Costa Farms Giveaway! - Ends 10/17

"To develop the best Team in the industry, create Solutions for our customers, and position ourselves to capitalize on Growth opportunities."
This is the Mission Statement from Costa Farms.

Costa Farms is a company committed to excellence. They are a 3rd Generation Family Owned business that employs over 2,000 people world-wide and covers over 3,000 acres. Costa Farms has House Plant divisions and Bedding Plant divisions as well as operations in merchandising and transportation companies both domestic and international. This company has worked hard over the past generations to become what they are today. They raise beautiful plants, provide gardening tips for their customers, and answer any questions their customers might have.

I got a beautiful "Green Goodie Box" and it came in a huge box filled with beautiful plants.I was afraid of their condition since they were shipped all in one box, but they looked great when I pulled them out!

I received beautiful luscious plants! There was an outside fern that looks so perfect hung up on my porch! The box included two gorgeous Peace Lilies that made a wonderful addition to my living room. They have beautiful large green leaves and gorgeous white blooms that stand out perfectly amongst the greenery. Two more green goodies added a more home-like touch to my bedroom. One of them was a cute potted plant with a single pink bloom on it. The other is a small resilient plant, which is great for me! I can't kill it. :) They really opened up my house and everyone who comes in can tell the difference.

People don't realize how much difference a few plants can make to a home. They rejuvenate oxygen and give you clean air to breathe. Even a few plants in a room can make it feel more open and relaxing. I personally feel so much healthier in a room with plenty of plants. The green color is relaxing and the subtle smell soothes your mind.

I noticed recently that Costa Farms plants can be bought in many local grocery stores! This makes shopping for high quality plants even easier for you. I saw them in my local Walmart as well as the Bi-Lo down the street. They have everything from Majesty Palm Trees to small potted plants. So you don't have to order off of their website and wait for them to come, just go down to your store and pick some up. You will be amazed at the difference a bit of green can do to your home. I know I was.

So maybe it's time you see what plants can do for you! Costa Farms has given me the opportunity to give away a Plants of Steel pack to 3 lucky winners!


**Disclaimer: I received a Green Goodie Box of plants from Costa Farms for the purpose of this review. I received NO compensation. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**


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